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Back to the Source: Analog clouds, sideways beats, and classic electronica.
"The title track and its far-ranging tweaks, blips and blurs are ablaze with scorched clip-hop / pitter-patter and skewed funk making it worth the price of admission alone." - Igloo Magazine

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Where Things End: Four new ambient / drone tracks featuring guests Cade Lewis and Olivia Kieffer.

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Possible Futures is the new 5-track EP from tay0 on Nophi Recordings.

"...glitched-out chimes, drilling beat patterns and swirling tentacles of dust."

Read the Igloo Magazine review here.

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There is a shining point where all lines intersect is a 10-track collection from tay0 on the High Grade Media label.

Read the Igloo Magazine review here.

[ High Grade Media ]

Names and Numbers is a collection of eight new tracks that evolved from live sets performed in 2009 and 2010. This is a FREE download release!

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