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Eldorado Omega: "Mixing electronic and acoustic elements, this intricately crafted EP is well orchestrated with attacks of sonic bliss and chaos alike. Heavily modified tones and drones, cut up pianos, and crinkly rhythms that unexpectedly rise to the surface make this a truly unique release."

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Back to the Source: Analog clouds, sideways beats, and classic electronica.
"The title track and its far-ranging tweaks, blips and blurs are ablaze with scorched clip-hop / pitter-patter and skewed funk making it worth the price of admission alone." - Igloo Magazine

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Possible Futures is the new 5-track EP from tay0 on Nophi Recordings.

"...glitched-out chimes, drilling beat patterns and swirling tentacles of dust."

Read the Igloo Magazine review here.

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